2022 Rosso Bianco   $35.00

Our 2022 Rosso Bianco (Red / White) is a blend of Pemberton Pinot Noir & Margaret River Chenin Blanc. This wine is perfect for those days where you struggle to decide between white or red. Chilled or not chilled, choose your own adventure with the Rosso Bianco – there are no rules. From grape to glass our craft is providing wine enjoyment and every bottle celebrates a little of what we love about the south west.

Vibrant. Lively. Fun.

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Inspiration for this wine came from the people! People who aren’t afraid to choose their own adventure. People who struggle to decide some days between having a white or red, and people who aren’t afraid to get a little chill on a red wine….

Red and white varietal combos are not anything new, and certainly not ground-breaking. There is the famous Rhone, Shiraz Viognier combo, whilst the bend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay hail from Champagne producers. These examples are distinguished old world regions and classic, traditional wines, with our Rosso Bianco we are trying again to give a new world flare to varietals that have been blended for centuries. What we are trying to do here is not diminish or take away anything from the single varietals, but to show was a combination can do. Some would argue that these varietals don’t need a partnership, but Aristotle would say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We just say give it a go and find out!

Again, we continue to the challenge the norm, blending varietals not normally seen together as well as blending regions. Again, there are no rules when it comes to wine and that’s what makes it fun. This is a wine you can drink with or without food, chilled or not chilled, but it will always taste better when drunk with friends.

In a glass the wine presents with a vibrant crimson red colour, appreciated clearly through the flint bottle. The nose is lifted and aromatic with cherry and red berry aromas mixed with a little spicy white pepper. The palate edges over to the savoury side of the spectrum with some silky but firm tannins and highlighted phenolics that provide for a thirst-quenching red wine with a difference.

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    2022- 2024
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    Pemberton Margaret River