2023 Arancia   $35.00

Each year we experiment with a new variation of an orange wine – our Arancia!

This vintage, our ‘Arancia’ has been made from single vineyard Pinot Gris that was fermented on skins until dry then basket pressed and barrel matured. This wine highlights the brillant amber colour of the grapes whilst accentuating the interesting phenolic line. From grape to glass our craft is providing wine enjoyment and every bottle celebrates a little of what we love about the south west.

Floral. Fleshy. Frisky.

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Every vintage we make an ‘orange wine’. The Arancia is a skin contact white wine. Basically, it is a white wine made in the style of red wine. The name ‘Arancia’ (translating to orange in Italian) stems directly from the distinct orange tinged colour achieved from extended skin contact, and also pays homage to the stylistic approach of ‘Ramato’ wines, something we are seeking to achieve with this wine. We choose to make a skin contact white wine each vintage to continue our focus on producing food paired wines and wines which highlight phenolics in a clean style. This style of winemaking can result in fantastic food wines, and highlights qualities of the grapes, terroir and winemaking that non-skin contact white wines sometimes struggle to achieve. Each vintage the grape varietals used in our Arancia changes, with this year being Pinot Grigio (2018 was Chardonnay / Viognier and 2019 was Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc, 2020 was Chenin Blanc, 2021 was Riesling, and the 2022 was also Pinot Grigio).

In a glass this wine is lifted orange colour. On the nose it presents with a floral dominance with a spicey edge and gentle citrus aromatics. The palate presents with a fresh fruit and flower spice, balanced level of phenolics and crunchy acidity on the finish.

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